Why Veritas?

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Veritas — (ver-i-tahs) Noun, Latin — Truth, particularly of a transcendent character


A place where everybody knows your name
Are you a little fish in a big pond?  How would you like to be well known when you contact the home office?  At Veritas Independent Partners, we are small enough to give you the attention and customer service you deserve and still offer all the resources you will need to be successful.  We will value your business.  If you have the desire and drive to be successful, then at Veritas Independent Partners — YOU WILL BE A VIP.

Flexible business structure
Veritas is a Broker Dealer and Investment Adviser so we can create a customized infrastructure to accommodate your specific business model.

We want to be on your team!
It is our job to make your job easier.  We have systematized the business to help your business run more efficiently.  Using our experience and resources, we can advise you on all areas of your business.

Executive-level customer service
Our goal is always to provide executive-level customer service to support you, your office, and your clients.

Your success is our goal
We have processes in place to help your business be successful and can provide you with resources to streamline your business.
·         If you already have a successful business model, then we are here to streamline the operations of your business.
·         If you would like help in systematizing your office, we offer guidelines for best practices to our advisors to help them work smarter instead of harder.
·         If you need further help, we have partnerships with consultants that provide the guidance you need to succeed.
·         We can’t wait for you to achieve VIP status!

Marketing and prospecting made easy
·         We offer a customized internet and social media marketing strategy.  We partner with an internet marketing specialist who can set up a custom website, blog, and social media marketing strategy.  They can even provide the ongoing content for you.
·         Compliance is easy with Veritas.  Our process for advertising approval is simple and customized to fit your needs.